6 Things You Must do Before Buying a Home

Home ownership is an ultimate dream for many people. However, buying a home can be an intricate process and any useful information touching on real estate will come in handy.  Here are six things you must do before buying a home. 

1.    Get a resourceful real estate agent

Before budgeting, you might find it useful to arm yourself with relevant information on the prevailing market prices and even have a chance to see the properties for comparison. A good real estate agent will assist you to locate property within a location that you desire. Having a rough figure of what you would wish to spend on the purchase will enable your search to be targeted.

2.     Get your mortgage approved

Settle for a mortgage plan that has manageable monthly repayments. The mortgage should be approved in writing. When you get a pre-approval for a loan, you can then operate within a specific price range. You can apply for professional conveyancing services, through your mortgage advisor to help you with the legal aspect of property transactions. 

3.    Know your creditworthiness

Knowing how much you can comfortably is important even before going to a lender. This will mean you going through your credit reports and knowing how much you are worth. Kick out bad credit card habits such as spending a lot on it. You need a good credit score to attract any lenders. 

4.    Compare prices

Once you get a house that you find suitable as per your preferences, compare its price with the other houses in the neighbourhood. Your real estate agent should be able to do a valuation to help you in this endeavour. If you are satisfied that the price is, by all means, reasonable, write an offer.

5.    Check the neighbourhood

You can come at different time frames to be sure that the community you have chosen to stay in is up to the standards you want. Safety, the distance of the home in relation to social amenities and major roads, are some of the things you might want to ascertain.

6.    Get assurance of professional service

Have your agent assure you that you can get professional help when you need it for common repairs and maintenance needs. The agent should also be able to answer any other questions you might have on the property. Once you are satisfied with these, you can then proceed to buy your dream home without any worries.